Event ID - 5008

Event Id5008
DescriptionThe host is either unreachable, or RPC is not running on the server
Event InformationAccording To Microsoft:

The DFS replication service is unable to establish contact with its partner via Remote Procedure Call (RPC). The service will not be able to replicate until this issue is resolved.

Check if the RPC service is disabled and enable RPC if disabled.
Check if a firewall is blocking the RPC end point mapper at port 135. The DFS Replication service can be configured to a static port using the DFSR diagnostic command line interface as follows:

Dfsrdiag StaticRPC /port:port /member:name

Note that if port 135 is blocked by a firewall, DFS Replication will not be able to replicate even if it is configured to use a static port since RPC first contacts port 135 to map the static port. In this case, the firewall must allow both port 135 and the configured static port.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Windows Operating System Version: 5.2.3790.1830 Event Source: DFSR Event ID: 5008

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