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The EventTracker Knowledgebase is the largest searchable repository for detailed information about event logs generated by Windows/*nix/Cisco (syslog), Antivirus, Veritas, OpenManage, VMWARE, and more. The KB is a free service provided by EventTracker. Search by any combination of the description (fragments ok), Windows event id or source. The default search uses the OR operator when multiple keywords are entered. For additional search tips or an advanced search, click the links below.
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EventTracker KB is continually managed and updated by a dedicated team of IT specialists. We encourage the IT community to contribute to the Knowledgebase by providing new event id definitions and resolutions as well as requesting our specialists to research event ids not already catalogued.

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The EventTracker Knowledgebase is a free service provided by EventTracker, an industry leading SIEM and Log Management solution. EventTracker delivers business-critical solutions to consolidate, correlate and detect changes that impact the performance, availability and security of your IT infrastructure. With a proven history of innovation and leadership, EventTracker's unique combination of enterprise-class log management and integrated change and configuration auditing are recognized as critical strategies for improving overall security, meeting and demonstrating compliance with regulatory mandates, and increasing operational efficiency.