Event ID - 9

Event Id9
DescriptionThe device, \Device\Scsi\Symmpi1, did not respond within the timeout period.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
In almost all cases, these messages are being posted due to hardware problems with either the controller or, more likely, a device that is attached to the controller in question. The hardware problems can be associated with poor cabling, incorrect termination or transfer rate settings, lazy or slow device responses to relinquish the SCSI bus, a faulty device, or, in very rare cases, a poorly written device driver. Some news group post also saying that in some cases this problem solved by updating the driver for the storage device.
This information from some newsgroups may help you:

This issue may occur if the computer is under a heavy load when the QLogic driver update is applied.

The driver update may take many minutes to complete. Additionally, the update process may use much of the computer's processor resources. In this scenario, the computer may experience input/output (I/O) timeouts if the following conditions are true:
  • The computer experiences heavy network usage when the update is applied.
  • The computer is under any other processor-intensive load when the update is applied.
These events indicate that temporary I/O errors have occurred. These events do not indicate that a problem exists with the hard disk drive subsystem. Additionally, these events do not indicate that a loss of data has occurred.
To work around this issue, only apply a QLogic driver update when the computer is not under a heavy load. We recommend that a QLogic driver update be applied when the computer is not serving client requests. Additionally, we recommend that only the operating system is running when the update is installed. For example, when installing a QLogic driver update, stop any services that are not needed.
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