Event ID - 800

Event Id800
DescriptionThe zone %1 is configured to accept updates but the A record for the primary server in the zones SOA record is not available on this DNS server. This may indicate a configuration problem. If the address of the primary server for the zone cannot be resolved DNS clients will be unable to locate a server to accept updates for this zone. This will cause DNS clients to be unable to perform DNS updates.
Event InformationExplanation :
The host address (A) resource record associated with the start of authority (SOA) resource record for this zone is missing. Host (A) resource records are used in a zone to associate DNS domain names of computers (hosts) to their IP addresses.
The host (A) resource record could be missing because it was not registered, because it was accidentally deleted, or because the SOA is preventing any host address (A) resource records from being registered.
User Action :
Manually create a host (A) resource record using the DNS console and then inspect the SOA record to ensure that it is correct.
Reference Links More information from microsoft document.

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