Event ID - 8007

Event Id8007
DescriptionThe browser was unable to update the service status bits. The data is the error.
Event InformationCause:
An error occurred in the server service.

Following information from a newsgroup post may help:
"Check following things.
1. Check for any virus infection to your system.
2. Check the permission for the folder "C:\WINNT" (system root)
3. Install updated driver for Ethernet card.
4. Try by reinstallation of the Service Packs installed."
"I removed and reinstalled "Browser" and "Workstation" services and reapplied the service packs and the problem has solved."
"We have faced the same problem. The problem was due to a memory error. We have used an Utility from MajorGeeks for memory test."
**Link given below.
Reference LinksMS Windows NT Browser

Majorgeeks-memory testing utility.

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