Event ID - 1008

Event Id1008
DescriptionThe DHCP server is shutting down due to the following error: [No further data is available]
Event InformationTHE DHCP Server service or the DNS Server service will not start. The following events are logged in the system event viewer.

RELATED IDs: 1007(DhcpServer), 7023(Service Control Manager).

CAUSE: The DHCP/DNS server is also a Winsock Proxy Client and the DHCP/DNS server IP address has not been included in the Proxy Servers Local address table (LAT). You can verify this exclusion by looking at the Msplat.txt in the Proxy Client subdirectory (typically, c:\Mspclnt\Msplat.txt) on the DHCP/DNS server.

RESOLUTION: To resolve this problem, do one of the following:
1) Include or add the DHCP/DNS server IP address in the Proxy Servers LAT.
2) Change the DHCP/DNS server IP address to an address that is included in the Proxy Servers LAT.
3) Disable Winsock Proxy Client on the DHCP/DNS server (in Control Panel, double-click WSP Client, and then click to clear the Enable WinSock Proxy Client check box ).
Reference LinksDHCP Server Errors 1007, 1008, 7023 & DNS Server Errors 407, 408

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