Event ID - 1002

Event Id1002
DescriptionThe DHCP service failed to initialize its global parameters. The following error occurred: %%0.
Event InformationThe Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service may not distribute Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or scope options to requesting client computers. When you examine Event Viewer, the following errors may be logged in the System event log
This behavior can occur because the DHCP server service is not bound to a statically-configured Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) adapter, which is usually the internal adapter.
To resolve this behavior, configure the bindings for the DHCP Server service:
1)Click Start, point to Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click DHCP.
2)In the DHCP Console, right-click the server object, and then click Properties.
3)Click the Advanced tab, and then click Bindings.
4)Under Connections and Server Bindings, enable the user interface that is to be used to service DHCP client requests.
5)Click OK, click OK, and then close the DHCP Console.
6)Click Start, point to Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Services.
7)Locate and restart the DHCP server service.
Reference LinksThe DHCP bindings enable you to select the connections that the DHCP server service binds to and uses when it services clients. When the option is selected, the connection is used to service DHCP clients. When the option is not selected, the connection is not used to service DHCP clients.
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