Event ID - 9987

Event Id9987
DescriptionThe backup of full-text catalog '%ls' is not permitted because it is not online. Check errorlog file for the reason that full-text catalog became offline and bring it online. Or BACKUP can be performed by using the FILEGROUP or FILE clauses to restrict the selection to include only online data.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :
Cause :
The backup operation is trying to access one or more offline full-text catalogs.
Possible reasons for a full-text catalog to be offline include the following:
sp_fulltext_database 'disable' was executed on the database.
Corruption was detected in the full-text catalog and it was automatically taken offline.
An invalid full-text catalog path was detected during an attach or upgrade operation.
Resolution :
Check the SQL Server error log for information about why the catalog went offline.
Possible user actions depend partly on the cause of the problem. The possible actions include the following:
If the full-text catalog is offline because the database was attached with an invalid full-text catalog path, detach the database and reattach it with the correct full-text catalog path.
To use Transact-SQL, use the following statements:
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