Event ID - 9957

Event Id9957
DescriptionFull-text operation failed due to full-text catalog %ls is corrupted. Use rebuild rebuild catalog to correct the problem
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :
Cause :
This message occurs when a full-text catalog is corrupted. Full-text catalogs can become corrupted for any of the following reasons:
A failure occurs while the full-text catalog is being populated. This may cause inconsistencies in the data that is written to the catalog. Data inconsistencies are especially likely when a failover cluster node fails over to another node during population.
The hard disk that stores the full-text catalog fails.
A catalog file that belongs to the catalog directory is mistakenly deleted.
The catalog is mistakenly attached to more than one database.
Resolution :
Run the ALTER FULLTEXT CATALOG Transact-SQL statement, specifying REBUILD.
Alternatively, restore the full-text catalog from a backup.
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