Event ID - 994

Event Id994
DescriptionFollowing connectors linkstate is suppressed because it either points to or comes from a leaf RG node.<<distinguished name>>
Event InformationExplanation:
This event is logged when a connectors link state is suppressed. This event is only logged on servers on which you have set the diagnostic logging level set to Medium or Maximum on the Routing Engine/Service category of the MSExchangeTransport component.
Exchange automatically suppresses a connectors link state if Exchange determines that it is not needed. The most common cause of link state suppression is when there is only a single path between servers in a leaf routing group. A leaf routing group is a routing group that has zero or one outgoing connectors and zero or one incoming connectors within the Exchange organization. If the same server has one outgoing and one incoming connector, the connectors must be opposite of each other. Because servers in a leaf routing group have only a single path to use for message transport, maintaining link state is not required. Therefore, if a connector points to or comes from a leaf routing group, Exchange will suppress link state changes on that connector.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.7638.0 Event Source: MSExchangeTransport Event ID: 994

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