Event ID - 984

Event Id984
DescriptionSMTP GetNextHop returned hr=0x<number> in <time> ms.
DestAddr=<<text>>, Type=<<address type>>
MsgType=0x<number>, NextHopType=<text>
Type=<<address type>>, Class=<<value>>, SchedId=0x<value>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This is an informational event that is logged if diagnostics logging on the Routing Engine category of the MSExchangeTransport Service on the Exchange Server has been set to Medium or higher.
User Action:
No user action is required.

Following newsgroup information may help you to understand this event.
"A network monitor trace would be useful in seeing what is being returned by the remote server. I suspect you will find that the remote organization is rejecting mail from your server."

"It sounds like Denis is on the right track. Sounds like your domain is blacklisted on a SPAM list, and hence being bounced back."

"Either that or the destination domain is blocking your mail because you dont have a reverse lookup record for your mail domain."
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