Event ID - 9688

Event Id9688
SourceMSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
DescriptionExchange store '': The logical size of this database (the logical size equals the physical size of the .edb file and the .stm file minus the logical free space in each) is GB. This database size is approaching the size limit of GB.
Event InformationAccording To Microsoft:
This event indicates that the logical size of the database is greater than the threshold you have configured. The text in the event description identifies the database that has exceeded this limit and the current logical size of the database. The logical size of the database equals the physical size of the .edb file and the .stm file minus the logical free space in each. By default, the threshold for logging this warning event is when 90 percent of the maximum logical database size is consumed.
Although this event indicates that you have not yet exceeded the maximum database size, it is important that you take a user action to avoid a disruption in e-mail service for your users. If the maximum database size is reached, Error ID 9689 or Error ID 9690 will be logged and the database will be dismounted on each daily check for database size.
If you are running Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 or later, you can configure the maximum database size, the threshold at which a warning event is logged, and the time of day at which database sizes are evaluated. For information about how to configure these settings, see "Configure Database Size Limits" in Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Online Help.

To reduce the size of the database, consider doing the following:

Delete mailbox or public folder data that you do not need. For example, ask your users to delete items in their mailboxes or delete public folder data that is not needed.
Move mailboxes or public folders from the database to a different database.
Note If you have not configured the size limit for an Exchange database to the maximum allowed size, you may want to increase the size limit for the database specified in the event description. See the Explanation section of this article for the maximum configurable size limits depending on the version of Exchange Server that you are running. However, backup and restore operations will take longer if you increase the size of the database.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.7638.0 Event Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store Event ID: 9688

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