Event ID - 9641

Event Id9641
Description"User <name>s averaged RPC latency for the <number> RPCs in the past <number> minute(s) is <number> seconds (which is greater than the threshold of <number> seconds).
Adapter Speed: <number> kbps Machine Name: <name> Client Mode: <text>"
Event Information"According to Microsoft:

An Outlook client is reporting long latency remote procedure calls (RPCs) to this Exchange server. Potential causes include:
Server resource bottleneck (for example, disk or CPU)
Network problem
Problems on the client machine
User Action :
Determine if the long latency is on the Exchange server or is external to the Exchange server.
Look at the average RPC Latency view to determine how long the server is taking to process RPC requests. Also look at the Number of Slow RPC Packets view to see how many RPCs took longer than two seconds to process on the server. If the average RPC latencies is low and there are few long RPCs, this is an indication that the problem is external to the Exchange server, such as a network bottleneck.
If we are seeing long average RPC latencies or many slow RPCs, this is an indication of a resource bottleneck on the server. Investigate the typical sources such as disk latencies, queues, or CPU utilization. There are views for these at Exchange 2003\Server Resource Utilization\CPU Usage and \Disk Performance."
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