Event ID - 958

Event Id958
DescriptionFollowing master server DN appears to be pointing to a deleted object. This may prevent Exchange Routing Service from functioning properly. Please check your DS setting. <%1>
Event Information"According to Microsoft:

This Warning event is logged when Exchange cannot locate the routing group master for a routing group. The routing group master is the server that is responsible for maintaining and communicating information about the routing topology in its routing group. If a routing group has no routing group master, the routing group will not receive link state updates from other routing groups.
This event is caused when the following conditions are true:
When a server that held the routing group master role for a routing group is not correctly removed from Active Directory. This can occur if the Exchange server that held the routing group master role is removed without using the Exchange Server 2003 Setup program. For example, it can occur if you use ADSI Edit to delete the server object from Active Directory.
When you do not designate a new routing group master after manually removing the Exchange server that previously held that role.
If another Exchange server exists in the routing group, that server can be set as the routing group master.
To resolve this error, make sure that all routing groups in your Exchange organization are configured with a valid routing group master.
To specify a routing group master for a routing group
1. In Exchange System Manager, double-click Administrative Groups, double-click <Administrative Group name>, double-click Routing Groups, and then double-click <Routing Group name>.
2. In the console tree, click Members.
3. In the details pane, right-click any member server, and then click Set as Master."
Reference LinksFollowing master server DN appears to be pointing to a deleted object.

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