Event ID - 9555

Event Id9555
DescriptionCorrupt Message detected during MoveMailbox. Fid = <folder ID>; Mid = <message ID>; Some or all properties of this message will not be moved correctly.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Microsoft provides application programming interfaces (APIs) that give other manufacturers the ability to write antivirus programs that scan the information store. If this type of software is running on your Exchange computer and you are experiencing issues, research the issues and follow normal troubleshooting procedures. If these procedures do not resolve the issue, temporarily disable or remove the antivirus software to determine whether it is contributing to the issue. If the antivirus software is not contributing to the issue, you can re-enable the antivirus software.
If the issue stops occurring after you disable or remove the antivirus software, contact the manufacturer of the antivirus software for the most recent update. If the most recent update of the software does not resolve the issue, continue working with the antivirus software manufacturer and Microsoft to pursue a resolution to the issue.
Reference LinksRecommendations for troubleshooting an Exchange Server computer with antivirus software installed

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