Event ID - 954

Event Id954
DescriptionSite connector CN=Site Connector (RG B to RG C),CN=Connections,CN=RG B,CN=Routing Groups,CN=AdminGroupName,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=OrgName,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=DomainName,DC=com is locally scoped. Osmium does not allow this config and you should eliminate the scope on the connector if you run a PTOZ config.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Exchange Server 5.5 supports local and site scope restrictions on an address-space basis instead of by connector. Exchange 2000 only supports scope restrictions by connector, and therefore, it is possible to get loops or for messages to be returned with an NDR if some connectors are configured with a scope restriction on an address space, while others are configured on a connector.
Remove local scope and site restrictions on address spaces on the Exchange Server 5.5 connectors.
One solution is to add another connector with no scope restrictions, with the original connector left in place with scope restrictions. This way other sites and routing groups can see a valid route and will not let the messages expire or generate NDRs with 4.4.7 Delivery Status Notification (DSN). This resolution is feasible if, for example, there are multiple address spaces and the X.400 address space is not the restricted one.
Reference LinksLocally scoped connectors not allowed in a mixed Exchange Server 5.5-Exchange 2000 environment

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