Event ID - 9537

Event Id9537
DescriptionA duplicate message arrived on database "<name>". Ignoring delivery of message (Internet Message Id=<message id>) to <recipient>.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This problem may occur if the following conditions are true:
1. The message is originally sent from the Internet to multiple Exchange 2000 recipients.
2. The message contains a very long Message ID field in the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) header. Because of the Message ID field length, the combination of the Message ID field and the Submit Time field is over 255 bytes. In this case, the Exchange store delivers the e-mail message to the first recipient. However, the Exchange store incorrectly detects the other instances of the message as duplicates. Therefore, the Exchange store discards the other instances of the message. No user action is required.
Reference LinksExchange (MSExchangeIS)

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