Event ID - 951

Event Id951
Descriptionprocess name (process id) Unable to purge transaction logs because at least one database (name) is off-line.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :

This event indicates that an error occurred when Exchange Server tried to delete the transaction log files associated with an online backup set. The reason they could not be deleted is because one or more Exchange database files were not online when the online backup operation started.

Use the information provided in the event to identify the database that was offline at the time that the online backup operation started. Use Exchange System Manager to determine whether the database identified in the message is currently online. If the specified database is not online, bring it online. For information about how to mount a store using Exchange System Manager, see "Mount a Store" in Exchange Server 2003 Help. If the specified database is currently online, the database may have been temporarily offline when the online backup process started. All Exchange databases must be online for an online backup process to be completed successfully.
Reference LinksEvent ID:951 Of Source ID:ESE BACKUP

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