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Event Id9518
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Usability Improvements
PATROL for Exchange Servers contains the following usability improvements:
1.tool tips and documentation of the preload options included with the KM

2.Exchange Server Health application class that provides information about the overall health of your Exchange server
3.top parameters monitoring begins immediately
4.disk utilization parameter data provided in a single application class container
5.End-to-End terminology changed to Roundtrip
6.service restart recovery action removed to eliminate redundancy with the PATROL for Windows Servers KM
7.additional information provided with recovery actions
8.Exchange Service Pack information provided in InfoBoxes
9.monitoring of database free space percentage, log disk space available, and database volume disk space available
10.critical Exchange Application Event Log events monitoring
11.SMTP QueueGrowth parameter
12.new recovery actions: Automatic Defragmentation of Private Databases on Heavy Fragmentation, Automatic Defragmentation of Public Databases on Heavy Fragmentation, Automatic Suspend/Resume Roundtrip Sessions on Queue Block, SMTP Queue Throughput Increase, Email Administrator When Watched_Users QuotaLimit is in Warning/Alarm
13.application class hierarchy has been reorganized
14.menus have been organized into Admin, PATROL Admin, and PATROL Reports submenus; within each of these submenus, the menu commands have been alphabetized
15.MSEXCH_Roundtrip_Server\LastMsgTime parameter displays as an annotation to the MSEXCH_Roundtrip_Server\Status parameter whenever a Roundtrip session exceeds the Warning or Alarm threshold
16.optional expert advice that you can display whenever the MSEXCH_Roundtrip_Server\Status parameter goes into Alarm
License Management
OneKey license management software controls BMC Software product licenses, thereby reducing the time and attention that you must devote to license and password administration.
The OneKey license management software collects information about the usage of BMC Software products that are compliant with the PATROL Agent version 3.5.00 or later. Individual computers send information to the OneKey Server, which collects and collates it. You can then produce reports about your usage of BMC Software products.
For PATROL for Exchange Servers to work with OneKey, your environment must meet the following requirements:
1.The OneKey server must be installed. The OneKey server is a component of the OneKey kit which is shipped with PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers version 3.0.01 or later and PATROL for Unix version 9.0.01 or later.
2.You must be using the PATROL Agent version 3.5.00 or higher. PATROL Agents prior to version 3.5.00 do not contain the code necessary to use OneKey. The PATROL Agent is a component of PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers and PATROL for Unix.
3.The PATROL KM for OneKey Usage must be installed and loaded into your PATROL console. The PATROL KM for OneKey Usage is a component of PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers version 3.0.01 or later and PATROL for Unix version 9.0.01 or later.
For additional information about OneKey, see the
a.OneKey Licensing Guide
b.OneKey Server Installation and Administrator Guide
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