Event ID - 9411

Event Id9411
DescriptionThe MTA is terminating because the disk where MTADATA is located has less than 10MB of space, or an error occurred while trying to check for free space on the disk. If disk space is low, free up some disk space and restart the MTA. Windows 2000 Error code returned: <error code> (non-zero indicates an error while checking for free space) [<value> <value> <value>] (16)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

The page file, Mtadata, is located on a disk that has little remaining free space but the amount of free disk space is being reported as more than 10 MB.
Move the page file to a drive with a larger quantity of free space. If the disk is full, delete any unnecessary files. If you suspect a disk error, run Chkdsk.
Reference LinksXCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Responding (Event ID 9411) Even Though Free Disk Space Is Greater Than 10 MB

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