Event ID - 9400

Event Id9400
DescriptionA fatal MTA error has occurred. The file <file name> could not be opened. [<value> <value> <value>] (16)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This issue can occur if a .tpl file is missing or corrupted. The 9400 error message contains a file name (Bind.tpl, Rose.tpl, Common.tpl, and so on). This file should be located in the Exchsrvr\Mtadata folder, but the file may be missing or corrupted.
To resolve this issue:
1. Identify the file in the error message and see if the file is located in the Exchsrvr\Mtadata folder.
2. If the file is there, rename the file in File Manager.
3. Whether the file is in the Exchsrvr\Mtadata folder or not, copy a new instance of the file from the Setup\CPU_type\Mtadata folder that is located on the Exchange Server compact disc.
4. After copying the file to the computer, right-click the file in the Exchsrvr\Mtadata folder, and then click Properties.
5. On the General tab, click to clear the Read-only check box, and then click OK.
6. Restart the MTA service.
Reference LinksMTA generates error message because of corrupted or missing .tpl file

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