Event ID - 9339

Event Id9339
DescriptionActive Directory SINMUMDC001 returned error 8004010e while
generating the offline address list for \Global Address List.This offline
address list will not be generated.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The OAB Version 2 system folder is missing from the public folder. The OAB Version 2 system folder must exist, or the offline Address Book cannot be generated.The All Address Lists or All Global Address Lists containers contain sub-containers, instead of just address list objects. The offline address list was deleted, and then it was re-created with the same name.
This issue may occur if the OAL does not successfully locate a system folder to replicate its contents.
The container specified in the error message is empty. The offline address book generation function makes a quick scan of each container listed in the Address Books list to verify container population. If it identifies an empty container, it will fail.
Reference Linkssynchronization log when you try to download the offline Address Book in Outlook
Offline Address List is empty
Offline Address Book Generated on Global Address List Fails

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