Event ID - 9334

Event Id9334
DescriptionOALGen encountered error <error code> while initializing the offline address list generation process. No offline address lists have been generated. Please check the event log for more information. - Default Offline Address List.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
An offline address list is a set of address lists contained in files that are created and stored on an offline address list server. Users that work offline can connect to an Exchange 2000 Server computer and download offline address lists remotely to obtain information about other users in the organization.
When you create an offline address list, the specified address lists are converted to a single data file and stored in a public folder. When users download the offline address list, this data file is used as the source of information.
Offline address lists normally contain at least one address list that represents the global address list. Users working offline can use this global address list with Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) e-mail clients.
If you want to create an offline address list with a filtered copy of the global address list, you must actually use Address Lists instead of the Global Address lists. If you create an offline address list that contains any global address list, whether that global address list is filtered or not, the users download the largest global address list. Instead, you should create an address list with the same filter as your filtered global address list, and use that address list in your offline address list.
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