Event ID - 9305

Event Id9305
DescriptionOALGen encountered error [0x8004010f] while Loading the template /O=XXXXXXX/cn=Configuration/cn=Addressing/cn=Address-Templates/cn=81A. All display templates will not be available for the client download.
Event InformationThis information from some newsgroups may help you:
INCORRECT LegacyExchangeDN value:
1. Open adsiedit.msc on your Exchange server, and navigate to:
CN=Microsoft Exchange
2. Right-click Address-Templates, and then click Properties.
3. Double-click the legacyExchangeDN.
4. Copy the value to a text file as a backup.
5. Change this value to anything else.
6. Force AD replication if you there are multiple DCs.
7. Rebuild the OAB.
8. Event 9305 event errors in the application log.
9. To resolve the issue, copy the DN name in the event log error back into the Address-Templates legacyExchangeDN value.
Authenticated Users need Read permissions on the Address Templates and Display Templates. To recreate the issue:
1. Using ADSIEdit, expand Configuration, CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=<OrgName>, CN=Addressing
2. Right-click Address-Templates, or right-click Display-Templates
3. Click the Security tab
4. For Authenticated Users, clear the Allow for the "Read" permission. Rebuild the OAB.
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