Event ID - 9301

Event Id9301
DescriptionThe message transfer gateway that uses the network address xxxxxxxx and the transport stack /o=EXORG/ou=EXSITE/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=EXSERVER/cn=TCP (EXSERVER) could not be found. Check the configuration of the mail gateway. [BASE IL TCP/IP DRVR 8 218] (10)"
Event InformationThis occurs on a message transfer agent (MTA) that receives a connection request over an X.400 Connector using a TCP/IP Stack. The connection request contains the IP address of the remote MTA. The local MTA tries to find the corresponding X.400 Connector in its configuration by comparing this address with the values for address on the Stack Properties page of each connector. If it fails to find the address (because, for example, the stack address is a computer name or a fully qualified domain name),
The event is informational and can be safely ignored. However, a fix to the MTA now exists that logs only the second event; that is, if the connector cannot be found and messages cannot be transferred.
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