Event ID - 929

Event Id929
1.Failed in reading Connectors DS Info Process Id: 2612 Process location: "C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Bin\Emsmta.exe" ConnectorDN: ConnectorDN
2.The registry path (%1) passed by a kernel mode driver is invalid. The driver device object is in the additional data.\r\n
Event InformationThe Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Inetinfo.exe process may either stop responding (hang) or cause an access violation in the Phatq.dll component of Exchange 2000 Server. At that time, this event will generated.

WMI provides fully integrated operating system support for uniform system and applications management, based on the Common Information Model (CIM) adopted by the DMTF. WMI provides a consistent and richly descriptive model of the configuration, status, and operational aspects of Windows operating systems, assisting management applications in creating solutions that reduce the maintenance and life cycle costs of managing Windows.
Event logs can be accessed through WMI so a developer that knows how to use it may be able to create a web-based applications that displays the event log messages in a browser interface. System administrators can use WMI by using scripts to automate administration tasks. WMI can integrate with Windows components, such as Active Directory directory service to allow for a unified management experience.
Reference Links XADM: InetInfo.exe Process Stops Responding or Causes an Access Violation in Phatq.dll

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