Event ID - 929

Event Id929
DescriptionFailed in reading Connectors DS InfoProcess Id: <id>Process location: <file name>ConnectorDN: <connector name>Hr:<value>Attribute:[<value>]
Event Information"According to Microsoft:

This event can occur when the Exchange 2000 Server is unable to read the specified attribute (for example, msExchTargetBridgeheadServersDN) from Active Directory. There could be several causes for this problem, such as the following:
An old server that has been decommissioned is still in Active Directory.
The domain controller/global catalog that Exchange 2000 Server is communicating with may have obsolete information due to domain controller replication issues.
User Action :
Check Active Directory and ensure that any non-existent servers are removed.
Verify the domain controller replication and make sure that the domain controller that is being used by this Exchange 2000 server has valid information. "
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