Event ID - 9266

Event Id9266
Description A fatal system error occurred while initializing the MTA. Reboot the computer. If that does not work, contact Microsoft Technical Support. [4 BASE IL MAIN BASE 1 173] (16)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This problem may occur with a multihomed server in which one of the active network adapters cannot communicate over remote procedure call (RPC) with other servers in the site. This issue may occur if RPC is not available, or if the network adapter is attached to another local area network (LAN).
This problem can occur if the network binding that the MTA needs to use is not the first binding available. The MTA may, under certain conditions, incorrectly attempt to use the first binding, and if the server is multihomed and the first binding is not the binding that the MTA needs to use, the MTA cannot establish a connection to other MTAs.
To resolve this issue, make sure that the internal network adaptor is the first item that is displayed in the binding order:
1. Quit any programs that are running.
2. Right-click Network Neighborhood, and then click Properties.
3. Click the Bindings tab. In the Show Bindings For box click All Services.
4. Double-click each listed service to expand it.
5. Under each service, move the internal network adapter to the top of the binding order.
6. In the Show Bindings For box, click All Protocols.
7. Double-click each listed protocol to expand it.
8. Under each protocol, move the internal network adapter to the top of the binding order. The final order should be similar to:
Network adapter one
Network adapter two (if present)
Remote Access wide area network (WAN) Wrapper
9. After you have verified that the bindings are set correctly for all services and protocols, click OK. Rebinding then occurs.
10. Click Yes when you are prompted to restart the computer.
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