Event ID - 9200

Event Id9200
Description Failed to perform MAPI logon.
Event Information"This information from some newsgroups may help you:
I figured it out. Some users were experiencing problems with mapi logins (remote users, users on non-member workstations).
As I mentioned, I still have and SRS/ADC server running. It ran out of paged pool memory and things werent synching properly. Power-cycled it,moved my cluster to the other node, and rebooted my FE server - all of my clients are apparently now working and Mailbox Manager is able to get in. I cant wait to be done with the migration and to get rid of that SRS/ADC server.
I would recommend using ESM to move the databases to another drive and the try to mount the databases
I followed up the ESE error (event 505) in the Application log, and found a useful thread in public.microsoft.exchange2000.information.store with subject ""Exchange 2000 SP3 and Compressed Stores"".
Although our drive that stores the database files was not compressed,the database files (priv1.edb,priv1.stm,pub1.edb,pub1.stm) themselves had their compressed attributes checked. I unchecked them and rebooted. Now everything appears to be working!
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