Event ID - 9188

Event Id9188
DescriptionMicrosoft Exchange System Attendant failed to read the membership of group <name>. Error code <error code>.Please check whether the local computer is a member of the group. If it is not, stop all the Microsoft Exchange services,add the local computer into the group manually and restart all the services.
Event Information"According to Microsoft:
This error indicates that the Group polling thread of the System Attendant Process (Mad.exe) was unable to read the membership list of the Group (mentioned in the Description section of the event). There are at least four variations of this event. The Description section of the event will have an Error Code, which indicates the underlying cause. Also, depending on which variation of this event is logged in the application log, the user might see a different symptom.
1. One or more of the Exchange Enterprise Servers, Exchange Services, and Exchange Domain Servers groups are not in the USERS container. They may have been moved out of this container, or renamed or deleted.
2. A Disjointed DNS Name Space. This is seen mainly in a multiple domain forest scenario.
3. Miscellaneous issues such as permissions to the relevant groups having been modified, and so on.
User Action :
2. Apply Windows 2000 SP3.
3. Ensure the Exchange Domain Servers and Exchange Enterprise Servers groups are present in the USERS container.
4. Ensure the Exchange server is a member of the Exchange Domain Servers Group and that the Exchange Domain Servers is a member of the Exchange Enterprise Servers Group.
5. Run POLICYTEST.EXE and ensure that it passes.
6. Ensure that Exchange Domain Servers, Exchange Enterprise Servers, and the Exchange Server itself have correct permissions in Active Directory Users and Computers.
7. Ensure that the USERS Container has the Allow Inheritable Permissions from parent to propagate to this object check box selected. "
Reference LinksMicrosoft Exchange System Attendant failed to read the membership of group . Error code .

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