Event ID - 9154

Event Id9154
DescriptionDSACCESS returned an error error code on DS notification. Microsoft Exchange System Attendant will re-set DS notification later.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This event is displayed in the Application Log when the Exchange server is unable to access a Domain Controller (DC). For example, this event may occur when a DC is restarted, if that is the ONLY DC in the site that the Exchange server belongs to.
1. The most likely cause for this Event is that the Kerberos ticket timed out. This typically happens in a topology that has a single DC. When the Kerberos tickets that are associated with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) connections time out, all LDAP connection attempts show errors because the security contexts have failed. These connections must be re-established. Because there is only one domain controller in this topology, there are no other servers to obtain a ticket from while this re-establishment takes place. Therefore, the error occurs.
2. Incorrect DNS configuration.
User Action :
1. The client LDAP connections should get re-established automatically and the errors should go away once this re-establishment has taken place. It is recommended that additional DCs be installed in the site in order to avoid such errors.
2. Ensure that both the Primary and Alternate DNS Servers listed in the Exchange Server IP Properties are up and running and have been configured properly.
3. Check the DC to ensure that it is running properly. For example, ensure that is not restarting unnecessarily.
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