Event ID - 9149

Event Id9149
DescriptionMicrosoft Exchange System Attendant failed to start Exchange server server name. Error code error code.
Event Information"According to Microsoft:

This event indicates that the System Attendant Service could not start on this server. A different event may precede or succeed this event and may help explain the cause. Review these additional events to determine the best course of action.
The following are the most probable causes for this error:
1. Services configured to use a Domain Account instead of Local System Account.
2. The name of the Windows 2000-based server has been changed.
3. The system attendant is having difficulty accessing the key container of the Microsoft Windows 2000 server.
4.The Server does not have appropriate permissions on the Organization level and the Server object in Active Directory.
User Action :
1. Ensure that the System Attendant is starting using the Local System Account.
2. Change the name of the Server to that reflected in Active Directory.
3. Follow the steps outlined in Q280432 to reset the permissions on the key containers.
4. Use ADSIEDIT to give this server object appropriate permissions at the Organization Level and at the Server level. "
Reference LinksMicrosoft Exchange System Attendant failed to start Exchange server server name

target="_blank">Q280432:System Attendant Stops Working with a 9022 Event

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