Event ID - 9143

Event Id9143
DescriptionReferral Interface cannot contact any Global Catalog that supports the NSPI Service. Clients making RFR requests will fail to connect until a Global Catalog becomes available again. After a Domain Controller is promoted to a Global Catalog, it must be rebooted to support MAPI Clients.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
If the primary network adapter in a multihomed domain controller does not have file and printer sharing bound to it, multiple problems are logged or displayed when you attempt to work with Group Policy objects on the domain controller.
Windows 2000 is attempting to access its Sysvol share through the primary network adapter to read the group policies. Because the share is unavailable through that adapter, the operation does not work.
Change the binding order of the network adapters so that the adapter that is listed at the top of the Connections list has file and printer sharing bound to it:
1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network and Dial-up Connections.
2. On the Advanced menu, click Advanced Settings.
3. In the Connections box, click the network adapter with "File and Printer Sharing" bound to it.
4. Click the arrow buttons on the right side to move the adapter to the top of the list.
5. Click OK. .

Following newsgroup information may help:

"Problem: Local users are unable to logon from win95/98 system.
Suggestion: At my work place, we had the same problem. If you run DHCP, I know that you can assign static IPs and that will solve the login issue. If youre not running DHCP right now, theres a patch for win9x machines that, Microsoft says, will fix it."
"Check if you have enabled DHCP registration in DNS is set. For legacy clients this should enabled in DHCP server"
Reference LinksXADM: Exchange 2000 Server Reports MSExchangeSA 9074

Problems logging on to a Windows 2000-based server or a Windows 2003-based server

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