Event ID - 9116

Event Id9116
DescriptionOALGen encountered an error while generating the changes.oab file for differential downloads
Event InformationClients will not be able to incrementally update to the new version of the OAL. This is normal if this is the first time this OAL has been generated. There is no previous version for clients to start with. Check other logged events to see if this is a serious error. (\Global Address List)
This behavior occurs when the following conditions are true:
The OAB Version 2 system folder is missing from the public folder. The OAB Version 2 system folder must exist, or the offline Address Book cannot be generated.
The All Address Lists or All Global Address Lists containers contain sub-containers, instead of just address list objects.
The offline address list was deleted, and then it was re-created with the same name.
When an offline address list is deleted, it stays in the system public folder for seven days. If a new offline address list with the same name is created in this seven-day period, a new public folder that is named OAB Version 2 is created under the public folder that is associated with the deleted offline address list. A new public folder for the new offline address list is created. Because the OAB Version 2 folder is already located in the deleted offline address list public folder, an updated OAB Version 2 folder is not created for the new offline address list public folder. When the client computer tries to locate the OAB Version 2 folder for the new offline address list, it cannot find it because the folder does not exist.
To work around this issue, use one of the following methods.
Create a new offline address list with a different name. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Start Exchange System Manager.
2. Expand Recipients.
3. Right-click Offline Address Lists, click New, and then click Offline Address List.
4. Type the name that you want in the Offline Address List Name box, and then click Browse.
Note The new offline address list name that you type must be different fro
Reference LinksAn "0X80004005" event is added to the synchronization log when you try to download the offline Address Book in Outlook

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