Event ID - 9106

Event Id9106
DescriptionAn internal MTA error occurred. The X.25 interface failed to initialize. Check to make sure the X.25 card is started. (14)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The above error means that during the MTA initialization it could not initialize the Eicon X.25 card. This means that either the Eicon X.25 driver is not properly installed or there is a problem with the installed driver.
To resolve this problem: Reinstall the Eicon driver and the WAN Services for Windows NT software. This problem most often occurs after you perform an Exchange Server Disaster Recovery on a computer without first installing the Eicon software if the X.25 card was being used on an X.400 connector.
Reference LinksXCON: MTA reports Failure on Ecbios.dll During Startup

XCON: Eicon X.25 Limited to Control Block Value of 32

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