Event ID - 9098

Event Id9098
DescriptionThe MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read its configuration from the DS, error error code.
Event Information"According to Microsoft:

The 9098 Event indicates that the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service (MAD) could not find a domain controller, did not have the required permissions to connect to a domain controller, or could not find the monitoring information for this server. The Description section of the Event may have an error code (like 0x80041001) that may help explain the cause(s) of this event. You can use the ERROR.EXE utility on the Exchange CD or the ERR.EXE utility in the Resource Kit to determine the meaning of the error code. Depending on the error code mentioned in the Description section of the event, there could be several causes for this event. Also, the symptoms seen will vary.
Following are the possible causes when the error code is 0x80041001:
1. The Exchange server computer is unable to contact other Exchange server computers or the domain controller in the domain. This may be because the primary or secondary DNS Server may not have Host Records listed for the other Exchange servers.
2. IIS 5.0 has been removed.
3. The Exchange Domain Servers group does not have the appropriate permissions in Active Directory.
4. The Manage Auditing and Security Log right (SeSecurityPrivilege) has been removed for the Exchange Enterprise Servers domain local group on some, or all, of the domain controllers.
The following are the possible causes when the error code is 0x80041010 :
1. The COM+ Components in Windows did not get installed properly.
2. The workflow event sink, Cdowfevt.dll, is not correctly registered.
User Action :
The following are the possible resolutions for this error:
1. Set a valid DNS server that has knowledge of the domain controller and the other Exchange server computers in the domain as the secondary DNS server. Basically, ensure that this Exchange server can resolve the names of, and connect to, the other Exchange servers.
2. Ensure that IIS 5.0 is i
Reference LinksThe MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read its configuration from the DS, error error code

Q284013:Error Message: The Command REGSVR32 /S CDOWFEVT.DLL Failed

Q326011:The System Attendant generates Event ID 9098 and 9099 messages every five minutes

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