Event ID - 9095

Event Id9095
DescriptionDescription1: The MAD Monitoring thread was unable to connect to WMI, error <error#>.

TDescription2: The MAD Monitoring thread is initializing
Event InformationOut of  two descriptions, the first one represents an error and the second one is an information event.

Explanation for Description 1:
This occurs when Exchange System Attendant service is started and whenever configuration changes are made that could affect the monitoring work of Exchange System Attendant.
User Action :
No user action is required. If this event occurs frequently, contact Microsoft Product Support Services.

Following information from a newsgroup post may help you:
Explanation for Description 2:
A: This problem may be caused by a bracken WMI. This may be happen due to a corrupted repository or missing files in wbem directory. You can confirm that whether the problem is with WMI, by checking the properties of WMI service. In property window you will see few errors like "Failed to initialize all required WMI class".
Do the following resolution steps for this problem:
Stop WMI service and Exchange Management service. Delete the repository folder and restore it from backup. Restart the WMI and Exchange Management services.

Are you able to ping your GCs from your FE server? I resolved an issue with a customer who had similar symptoms. We ultimately resolved the issue when we disabled the RRAS service on the GC. Not sure if this is the issue youre running into or not.

C: Ive looked into this problem for about a week now and heres what I learned so far. MAD.exe is used to tell store.exe to let go of the amount of memory its using, when this fails to happen store.exe (runs information store) uses more and more memory until the server doesnt have anough resources to run and the server needs restarting. Check your service packs, the following "XADM: A Memory Leak in Store.exe Degrades Performancearticle"  and "Exchange 2000 SP3: Packed with essential fixes" explains the problem.

D: If that
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