Event ID - 9074

Event Id9074
SourceMSExchange SA
DescriptionThe Directory Service Referral interface failed to service a client request. RFRI is returning the error code:[0x%1].
Event InformationExplanation :
This Event basically states that the DSPROXY component of the System Attendant Service on the Exchange server failed to service a client request. This failure could be because of issues ranging from failed network connectivity to permissions problems. 
The following are the most probable causes of this event. Also, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further information:

The primary network adapter in a multihomed domain controller may not have File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks bound to it. 
The Manage Auditing and Security Log right (SeSecurityPrivilege) may have been removed for the Exchange Enterprise Servers domain local group on some or all of the domain controllers. 
The File Replication Service (FRS) may not successfully replicate an updated security policy to one or more domain controllers. 

User Action :
Change the binding order of the network adapters so that the adapter that is listed at the top of the Connections list has file and printer sharing bound to it. 
Use the Policytest.exe utility to check the status of the SeSecurityPrivilege right on all of the domain controllers in a single domain. The Policytest.exe utility is included on the Exchange installation CD-ROM. If the SeSecurityPrivilege has been removed from the Exchange Enterprise Servers group, you can grant the right directly to the Exchange Enterprise Servers group, or you can run Exchange Setup again with the /domainprep switch to grant the SeSecurityPrivilege right automatically. 
Ensure that replication between DCs is occurring properly.
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