Event ID - 9040

Event Id9040
DescriptionNSPI Proxy encountered an error while receiving a packet. The target Domain Controller or the network or a client might be down. The winsock subsystem returned the error:[0x%1]. The circuit that received this error is being closed.
Event InformationExplanation :
This event indicates that the NSPI interface of the Exchange server encountered a problem when communicating with a Global Catalog Server. This problem may be a transient one. However, if this event is logged repeatedly, then further investigation would be needed.
The 0x2746 error (mentioned in the 9040 Event) translates to the WinSock error WSAECONNRESET. This connection reset can happen due to network related problems. 

User Action :
This is a rare occurrence and usually a second connection attempt should succeed. However, if this is happening frequently, check network related factors in the environment. Things to look for would be as follows:

Check the cabling on the network card of the Exchange server. 
Check if a firewall or other device exists between the Exchange server and the GC that it is communicating with.
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