Event ID - 9023

Event Id9023
SourceExchange MOM
DescriptionThere is no MOM test mailbox for the following mailbox databases (MDBs):MDB "<name mailboxstore>" on storage group "<name storage group" on server <name server>.
Event InformationFollowing information from a newsgroup post may help:

There are several steps you need to do to set up this:

1) create a mailbox enabled account, and disable the account. 
2) Associate the mailbox with an external account (one id that you will use to access all the test mailboxes, I used my momadmin id.) 
3) Adjust permissions on the mailbox and the security tab on the disabled ad object. 
4) Name the mailbox according to their naming convention. The first mailbox has to be SERVERNAMEMOM, then SEVERNAMEMOM1, mom2, mom3, etc. I cant remember the exact naming, but its in the mp config document. 
5) Run mailbox rights configuration (a command line until, that you execute to tell the dcam what account and password used to access the test mailboxes).
6) Run the E2K mp configuration tool to setup mailflow tests (if you want).

The new E2K management pack has this information detailed in it. Read that carefully and you will have no problems. I just tried to wing it, and I ran into nothing but trouble. Once I read the document, I was up and running in no time. I think if you open MOM and click on the E2K processing Rules Group, you can read about all this and more in the left hand pane. I think there are links to the tools you need as well. I cant remember.

Once you set it up, you will be able to do this with your eyes closed! It works too, really like the mapi logon and mailflow scripts!
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