Event ID - 901

Event Id901
Descriptionprocess name (process id) Restore started from directory path.
Event Information"According to Microsoft :

This is an informational message that states the online restore process has started. The directory path referenced in the message is the temporary directory that Exchange Server uses to restore log files during an online restore of an Exchange database.
The occurrence of this individual event does not indicate a problem if your online restore process completes successfully.
Important: When an online restore process fails, additional ESEBackup events such as 903, 904, and 905 are logged in the Application log. For information about what to do if you notice these additional events, see User Action.

if your online restore process completes successfully. However, if your online restore process fails and you notice ESE events 903, 904, or 905 in the Application log, click the URL at the bottom of those events for more information about how to resolve those errors. Alternatively, you can also view more information about ESEBackup Events 903, 904, 905, and other events at the Exchange 2003 Events and Errors Web site "
Reference LinksEvent ID:901 Of Source ID:ESE BACKUP

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