Event ID - 9014

Event Id9014
DescriptionMicrosoft Exchange System Attendant has been started for Exchange server servername successfully.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The "503 Service Unavailable" error message can occur if the following conditions are true:
1. The Exchange 2000 Server services are not running, particularly the system attendant and the information store. Make sure that all of the services are running.
2. The Exchange 2000 Server services are running but not under the local system account. The services must be running under the local system account.
3. The mailbox stores and public folder stores that you are trying to gain access to are not mounted. Therefore, you must mount the mailbox stores and the public folder stores.
4. A registry key exists in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hive that exceeds 259 characters. Throughout initialization, the Exchange OLE DB provider (ExOLEDB) scans the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive to identify registered file types. If any subkey has a default value that exceeds 259 characters, or if there is a discretionary access control list (DACL) that is not valid on one of the subkeys, ExOLEDB may quit unexpectedly.
Reference LinksHow to Troubleshoot the "503 Service Unavailable" Error Message in Outlook Web Access 2000

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