Event ID - 9004

Event Id9004
DescriptionThe Metabase Update service failed to start, error error code.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This event indicates that the internal directory to metabase replication service in Microsoft Exchange System Attendant failed to start.
The following are the possible causes for this event:
1. This issue may occur if a Domain Controller (DC) or a Global Catalog (GC) is not available or if there is only a very slow connection to the DC/GC.
2. The Manage Auditing and Security Log right (SeSecurityPrivilege) may have been removed for the Exchange Enterprise Servers domain local group on some or all of the domain controllers. Run Policytest.exe to determine if this is the case.
3. Kerberos Key Distribution Center Service may not be running.
4. The Exchange Server is not listed as a member of the Exchange Domain Servers group.
User Action :
1. Ensure that the Exchange computers have high-bandwidth access to Windows 2000-based domain controllers or global catalog servers, and then verify that existing domain controllers or global catalog servers are running and functional.
2. Grant the SeSecurityPrivilege right to the Exchange Enterprise Servers group directly or run SETUP/DOMAINPREP.
3. Make sure KDC Service is running.
4. Ensure that the server is a member of the Exchange Domain Servers Security group.
5. Event log descriptions of MSExchangeMU, the metabase update agent, can help you diagnose the problem
Reference LinksThe Metabase Update service failed to start

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