Event ID - 8651

Event Id8651
DescriptionCould not perform the requested operation because the minimum query memory is not available. Decrease the configured value for the 'min memory per query' server configuration option.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :
Cause :
Other processes are consuming server memory (exerting memory pressure in the server).
Resolution :
Either decrease the configured value for the min memory per query' server configuration option or reduce the query load to the server.
The following list outlines general steps that will help in troubleshooting memory errors:
Verify whether other applications or services are consuming memory on this server. Reconfigure less critical applications or services to consume less memory.
Start collecting performance monitor counters for SQL Server: Buffer Manager , SQL Server: Memory Manager.
Check the following SQL Server memory configuration parameters:
max server memory
min server memory
awe enabled
min memory per query
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