Event ID - 8649

Event Id8649
DescriptionThe query has been canceled because the estimated cost of this query (%d) exceeds the configured threshold of %d. Contact the system administrator.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft

The configuration setting for the query governor cost limit option is lower than the cost the SQL Server optimizer estimated for the specified query. By default, the query governor cost limit option is set to 0, which allows all queries to run. However, on this instance of SQL Server an upper limit was specified by setting the option to a number greater than 0. Query plans with an anticipated cost larger than this value are not started.
For more information, see "query governor cost limit Option," "How to set the query governor cost limit option (Enterprise Manager)," and "Query Tuning Recommendations" in Books Online.

Any one of the following actions will prevent the message from occuring for this query:
1.Tune the query to reduce the estimated execution time below the limit value.
2.Verify that statistics are up to date on tables and indexes referenced by the query. You may need to execute UPDATE STATISTICS or DBCC DBREINDEX.
3.Set the query governor cost limit option back to the default of 0. This will allow all queries to run.
4.Raise query governor cost limit option to a value higher than the estimated number of seconds for this query to execute.
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