Event ID - 8512

Event Id8512
SourceMS ExchangeIS priv
DescriptionUnable to connect to the MTA consecutive ma-open calls are failing with error 3034.There is not enough memory to complete the operation.
Event Information"According to Microsoft:

This issue occurs because the Exchange Server information store process creates threads to use when sending and receiving mail from the Exchange Server message transfer agent (MTA). The number of threads that are created is determined by a number of registry values, and these registry values are ordinarily set based on adjustments that are made when you run the Exchange Server Performance Optimizer (Perfwiz).
If these registry values are set manually to values that exceed 40 when the values are added together, the information store generates the event ID 8512 error message .
To resolve this issue, run Performance Optimizer to reset the registry values to values that do not add up to more than 40.

You can determine the total number of threads that the information store uses to communicate with the MTA by adding the following registry values together: Under the following registry key:
Send Threads
Delivery Threads
Gateway In Threads
Gateway Out Threads
Under the following registry key:
Send Threads
Delivery Threads
Add 1 or 2 to the sum of the preceding values to account for the internal information store process that flushes the e-mail messages of users that are being moved "
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