Event ID - 8501

Event Id8501
SourceMSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
DescriptionUnable to move mailbox <mailbox name>. A problem occurred while opening an attachment. Parent folder name: <folder name>, parent message subject: <subject>; Error code: <error code>. Run ISINTEG to check for any problem in the database "<name>".
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This problem may occur if the mailbox that Exchange 2000 is trying to move contains a damaged message. The message is located in the folder that the error message mention. The Low and High folders that the preceding error messages mention are created by Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager. You cannot use Outlook to view the Low and High folders in the mailbox.
To resolve this problem, use Mdbvu32 to remove the damaged message. Mdbvu32 is a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) client that is included on the Exchange 2000 CD-ROM.
To use Mdbvu32 to remove the damaged message:
1. Use an account that has access to the mailbox to log on, and then create a profile for the mailbox.
2. Run Mdbvu32.exe in the Support\Utils\platform folder on the Exchange 2000 Server CD-ROM.
3. In the MAPILogonEx(MAPI_LOGON_UI) dialog box, click Mapi_New_Session, and then click OK.
4. Click the user profile for the mailbox.
5. On the MDB menu, click OpenMessageStore.
6. In the Select Message Store dialog box, click Mailbox - [mailbox_name], and then click Open.
7. On the MDB menu, click Open Root Folder.
8. In the MAPI_FOLDER - Root dialog box, double-click OMM Learning Folder.
9. Double-click either the High or Low folder, depending on which folder the error messages mention.
10. In the Messages in Folder dialog box, the message with the subject that the error messages mention is displayed. Click the message.
11. In the Operations available list, click lpFLD->DeleteMessages(), and then click Call Function.
12. When the MAPI_FOLDER-Inbox->DeleteMessages() dialog box is displayed, click OK to delete the message.
13. Click Close to close all of the open dialog boxes. Click Session, click Exit, and then click OK for any messages that are displayed.
You can now move the mailbox successfully. .
Reference LinksYou Cannot Move a Mailbox, and Error Messages That Contain Error Code 0xfffff9bf Are Logged in the Application Event Log

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