Event ID - 837

Event Id837
DescriptionDirectory Replication Agent has performed an [operation]
Destination DRA: %1
Source DRA: %2
Naming Context: %3
Options: %4
Session ID: %5
End USN: %6
Status Code: %7
Event InformationDetailed Description:
Update Sequence Number (USN) is a property that monitors changes in directory objects as they occur. USNs are used in export operations from a specified server so that only the changed objects will be exported. Only those objects with a USN larger than the largest USN returned during a previous export are exported. USNs are server-specific.

For statistics about the activity of Active Directory check the NTDS object. The object provides information about the following:
1. The Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI), used to facilitate communication between the Active Directory and Exchange Directory Service (XDS).
2. The Local Security Authority (LSA), a protected subsystem that maintains the security for the local computer.
3. The Security Accounts Manager (SAM) interface, that provides compatibility between Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 domains.
4. The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) interface that provides the API for LDAP clients and exposes the Active Directory Services 5. Interface (ADSI) so additional applications may be written that can talk to the Active Directory.
6.The Directory System Agent (DSA), the Active Directory process that runs on each domain controller and manages all the directory service functions.
7.The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC), an Active Directory component that is responsible for the generating the replication topology between domain controllers.

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