Event ID - 8299

Event Id8299
DescriptionADC will not replicate the private information store <distinguished name> because it was not able to find the corresponding MAPI public store object in the Active directory. <connection agreement name>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Every Exchange 5.5 mailbox store points to a public folder server (Home-Public-Server attribute). The corresponding attribute on an Exchange 2000 mailbox store is called msExchHomePublicMDB and points to a public folder store object (instead of pointing to a server object). When the Active Directory Connector (ADC) replicates an Exchange 5.5 mailbox store to Active Directory, it tries to map the Home-Public-Server setting to the NT5 distinguished name (DN) of a MAPI public folder store under the server specified. If ADC does not find a MAPI public folder store corresponding to the Exchange 5.5 setting, it logs this message.
Make sure the public folder store object for the specified public folder server exists in Active Directory. If the public folder server is an Exchange 5.5. server, investigate why the public store object did not replicate to Active Directory.
Also try performing a full-replication on the configuration connection agreement to see if it replicates to the target object. If the specified public folder server does not exist, does not have a MAPI public store, or if the public store was deleted, point the Exchange 5.5 mailbox store to a different public folder server. This public folder server must have a corresponding MAPI public folder store object in Active Directory. Then the private store object should replicate over to Active Directory during the next replication cycle of the configuration connection agreement.
Reference LinksExchange (MSExchangeADDXA)

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