Event ID - 8281

Event Id8281
DescriptionADC could not replicate the msExchMasterAccountSid to <object name> because this sid is already on the object <object name>.<connection agreement name>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event indicates that the Active Directory Connector (ADC) was unable to stamp the msExchmasterAccountSid attribute on the target object because the attribute was already present on another object. This can happen in the following situations:
1. If "NTDSNoMatch" has been stamped on the Custom Attribute 10 of an object in the Exchange 5.5 directory. When the ADC runs, a mailbox in Exchange 5.5 WITHOUT the NTDSNoMatch stamped on it gets replicated to Active Directory. Then, when another object in the Exchange 5.5 directory is picked up by the ADC for matching, the 8281 warning is logged, because the msExchMasterAccountSID attribute has already been stamped on the first object. In this condition, this warning can be ignored.
2. This warning event can also occur if the following conditions are ALL true:
1. The end point of the ADC connection agreement is NOT a global catalog server.
2. The mailbox that you are replicating already has an existing Active Directory account.
3. The display name of the mailbox is different from the Active Directory account name.
The ADC renames the user object on the domain controller to the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 display name. However, when the uniqueness check for the master account SID is performed against the global catalog server, the name change has not been replicated to the global catalog server. An object with a different distinguished name is found with the same master account security identifier (SID), and therefore the warning is logged. This warning can be safely ignored as long as it can be verified that the correct object has the msExchMasterAccountSID attribute stamped on it.
Ensure that the correct object has been stamped with the msExchMasterAccountSID attribute. Ensure that the latest version of the ADC is being used.
Reference LinksExchange (MSExchangeADDXA)

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